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How we’re ensuring people know how to keep themselves safe from exposure

> Contractors, workers, volunteers, and artists are informed of the plan and communication of changes is ongoing.

> Communication also includes a volunteer orientation and, as needed, daily safety talks.

> Patrons are informed through the website, social media accounts, email, including newsletters, and the online booking system.


How we’re screening for COVID-19

> Screening is not currently required.


How we’re controlling the risk of transmission

Hand and Respiratory Hygiene

> Hand sanitizer and hand washing stations are provided throughout the site. 


Physical Distancing

> Physical distancing is not currently required.


Masks / Face Coverings and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

> Masks / face coverings and eye protection are not currently required; however, any person may choose to wear a mask, face covering and/or PPE at any time.


Cleaning and Disinfecting

> Washrooms, tables, chairs, point of sale payment devices and other high touch, shared surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected as frequently as is necessary to maintain a sanitary condition.

> Onstage and backstage equipment will be cleaned and disinfected between artists.


What we will do if there is a potential case, or suspected exposure to, COVID-19

> Follow all Peel Public Health instructions.


How we’re managing any new risks caused by the changes made to the way we operate?

> Protocols will be followed mitigate risks at the event.


How we’re making sure our plan is working

> Daily walk-throughs on site to document any concerns and to take corrective actions.

> Daily communication to review issues, incident reports and feedback, and identify any corrective actions that may be required


NOTE: The complete COVID-19 Event Safety Plan is available in the Treasury Trailer in Memorial Park.

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