Emergency Evacuation Plan 



In the event of an emergency, the park may be evacuated to ensure the safety of all participants.


Emergency Events include the following:

  • Severe Weather

  • Power Failure

  • Fire

  • Stage or Infrastructure Failure

  • Security Threats identified by Security or Police

If an avacuation order is announced, please pay attention to the following:

  • The music will stop playing at all stages

  • Public address announcements will be made from the stage areas

  • Handheld loudspeakers may also be used to announce information from the stage areas

  • Immediately proceed to the closest exit and in an orderly manner to the Port Credit Arena to await further instructions on when the festival will resume

  • Additional announcements will continue from the stages and the Port Credit Arena



Please note that an evacuation may only be termporary allowing for the return of guests once the emergency event has been cleared and the park is safe for return. If the evacuation is temporary, announcements will be made from the stages explaining that the show may continue after a short interruption and we request that patrons, staff and volunteers evacuate to the Port Credit Arena to await further instructions.

The Emergency Exits are shown on the Site Map and indicated with this icon O

Emergency Exit Locations:

North end of park to the right of Stage 4 (Brightwater Stage)             Port Credit Arena Entrance

Port Credit Library Entrance                                                                    One Exit at the Lakeshore Road Entrance


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